Apple’s iPad mini announcements will force rivals to slash prices

iPad Mini Price Cut Impact

The dust has finally settled from Apple’s fall event and while there weren’t very many big surprises, Apple definitely managed to pack a lot into its press conference. The brand new iPad mini with Retina display was among the announcements, of course, and Apple did raise a few eyebrows when it announced that the base iPad mini model will now cost $399 instead of $329 like last year’s model. Apple’s new mini is indeed pricier than most comparable models, but the first-generation iPad mini is sticking around at the new, slightly lower price of $299. While that $30 price cut seems small, Digitimes’ unnamed sources at various tablet vendors said that tablet makers will now have to start slashing prices if they hope to compete with the sub-$300 Apple slate. The report claims prices of rival Android tablets should begin dropping as soon as next month.

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