ATT_Dell Aero FCC

Who wants more Android phones? It looks like the Dell Mini 3iG, which is better known as the “Aero,” has received its official U.S. working papers from the FCC. Here is a quick refresher for those of you who need to be reminded of what the Aero is working with: 3.5″ nHD 640 x 360 display, Marvel 624 MHz processor, 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, aGPS, 3G (1900MHz/850MHz), multi-touch, Android 2.1, support for Microsoft Exchange, and an all new Dell-icious UI skin (we call trademark on Dell-icious® if Dell decides to use it). How about it AT&T Android enthusiasts? Is this the device you’ve been waiting for, or are you going to hold it in the same regards as the Bellyflop Backflip?

[Via Engadget]