More Windows Mobile 6.5 love; HTC Mega screenshots revealed

We can’t believe we’re about to type these words… But it looks like Samsung may have done an infinitely better job of skinning Windows Mobile 6.5 than HTC — at least out of the gate. Earlier this morning, a truckload of Samsung Omnia II screen captures were uncovered and, well, we’ll be damned if Samsung didn’t do a bang up job with its TouchWiz 2.0 UI on top of WinMo 6.5. Shortly thereafter, blog followed up with a new render of the mid-range HTC Mega along with a handful of screenshots. The UI mask is looking good, and a little Sense UI-ish, but it doesn’t look anywhere near as thorough or sexified as Samsung’s efforts. Now to be fair, we know that the Mega is going to be part of HTC’s mid-range crop so we’ll have to wait and see how Windows Mobile 6.5 is looking on the company’s higher end handsets before reaching any real conclusions. Hit the jump for a few screenshots of the UI along with an updated list of reported specs.


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