BlackBerry Kickstart about to hit Rogers, no one cares about ROKR E8 or Sony W350a

If you didn’t think the “Kickstart” would hit Rogers, send us over what you’re smokin’! Canada’s largest GSM provider will most certainly be grabbing the Kickstart. We haven’t confirmed the release date of the device on Rogers just yet, but we’d guess it would be around a couple weeks of T-Mobile getting it. Rogers is going to be changing the name of their “Home Calling Zone” UMA service to “Rogers Talkspot,” something the Kickstart will be able to make use of just fine. In addition to the Q3 Kickstart launch, Rogers has also got the Motorola ROKR E8 for $99.99, the Samsung T336 for $49.99, the Sony Ericsson Walkman W760a for $79.99, and finally the Sony Ericsson W350a for $29.99. All the aforementioned handset prices were on 3-year agreements — duh! But seriously, if RIM prices the Kickstart right (we’re hoping $49.99), Motorola and Palm employees might as well just hand in their resignation letters directly to RIM — it’s over! Couple more shots after the jump…

Thanks, Rogers ninja!

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