mobiPad: Control S60 & UIQ with a Wii Remote

Austrian developers Alexander Erifiu and Mario Grammer have dumped previous projects WiiConnect and WiiRider to put out an exciting new application dubbed mobiPad. Perhaps the choice of name is a bit odd, but the app itself is quite exciting. With mobiPad, S60 3rd Edition and UIQ 3 users alike can connect a Wii remote to their handset and control device operation with the remote. Badass! The app itself is essentially a bluetooth driver that enables the handset to connect to a Wiimote via bluetooth and decipher commands related to key presses on the remote. The Wii nunchuck is not currently supported but it is planned for future versions along with a variety of cool new features such as the ability to define custom key mapping. The app is Symbian Signed and available for download from the developer’s site as freeware. Got a Wiimote? Got an S60 or UIQ handset? To say that mobiPad enhances your mobile gaming (and other) experience is a huge understatement. Definitely check it out, and hit the FAQ on the developers’ site for key mapping details.


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