The cell phone industry in Afghanistan (yeah, we know it sounds like a joke) is booming these days. The country has over 150,000 monthly cell phone subscribers, with that number expected to increase steadily over the next several years. The country’s economy has enjoyed record growth, making "luxury" services and commodities like cell phones a reality for many citizens of this impoverished nation. Interestingly enough, the country seems to have skipped straight to wireless communication, as the level of poverty and relative percentage of rural citizens made the installation of traditional landline service challenging, if not impossible. Cell phone companies have been moving into developing nation with the quickness as of late, and Afghanistan is no exception. The country’s 4th major cell phone company opened its doors several days ago, and the telecommunications industry employs some 50,000 Afghans. Coverage is, surprisingly, available over most of the country’s rugged and remote terrain. The big question, however, is how long until Amp’d resurrects itself in Afghanistan? Ok, low blow, we know.