Google shuts down pay-per-download movie site

Corporations like Google spend so much time acquiring new assets, companies, and services that it’s not often you hear about a service closure. Hold on to your hats, friends, as today’s that kind of day. Google has announced that they will be shutting down their pay-per-download movie and video site. Google Video, which was intended to be powerful response to iTunes movie and TV show download service, has floundered savagely, relegated to almost instant obscurity since it was launched in January of 2006. As such, it’s not really surprising to learn that it’s going the way of the Dodo. That said, it leaves anyone that has purchased Google Videos in a bit of a tough spot. Effective August 15th, downloads will no longer be viewable. Translation: You’re screwed. The company has graciously offered a $2.00 credit to anyone that has made a purchase. Did you buy $60 worth of videos? Sorry dude. You’ll only get $5.00 of that back, in a 60-day Google Checkout credit no less. Seems like a bit of poor decision on Google’s part to “refund” money in such a limited way. Maybe that new Boeing Business Jet they ordered is using too much jet fuel…


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