Dell wants out of the TV game?

Dell is having a rough month. As if the announcement that they were laying off 1/10th of their workforce wasn’t enough, it now looks like they might be trying to axe their self-branded TV division. It’s just a rumor at the moment, but the information has been corroborated by more than one source. Looking at it from a business perspective, this move would seem to make sense. The company’s self-branded LCD televisions are corporate dead weight, with Dell TVs not even cracking the top 30 most popular LCD brands. If the rumor pans out, however, it looks like Dell won’t be abandoning television sales altogether, instead opting to push 3rd party sets, with possible alternatives including products from Sony and Samsung. There are still roughly 6,000 Dell TVs left in the company’s warehouse, so stay tuned for a possible fire sale following the exit announcement later this month. That is, of course, if the rumors are true…


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