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This April Fools’ Day iMac travel bag rules, and I hope Waterfield actually makes it

Published Apr 1st, 2024 10:43AM EDT
Waterfield joke travel case for the iMac
Image: Waterfield Designs

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It’s April Fools Day so, as we have done many years before this one, we must all face the deluge of technology companies releasing a “totally real” product today. However, within the cringeworthy press releases, there was one Apple-focused product that I actually thought, “This should be real.”

Waterfield Designs makes a lot of high-end cases and bags for all kinds of technology products. From arguably the best travel case for AirPods Max, tons of backpacks and bags for your laptop, and even some cases for gaming products like the Nintendo Switch, they’ve solidified themselves as a premium case maker.

That’s where the Air Travel iMac Carry-On comes in. In a blog post, the company announced the completely fake product as a joke for April Fool’s Day. The product, which lets you store a 10-pound 24-inch iMac in a nylon bag, is the perfect accessory to be THAT person in a coffee shop or on an airplane.

Let’s face it: Size matters. Those other guys on the plane with their puny 16-inch screens will be green with envy when you pull out your 24-inch iMac.  Not only will your in-flight productivity increase, you’ll also get to collaborate with random strangers sitting next to you, whether they like it or not. 

The Air Travel iMac Carry-On, for when a MacBook Pro just won’t do. 

The Air Travel iMac Carry-On can carry your iMac and accessories.

The bag, which it appears they actually made a prototype for, will also store two water bottles, your Magic Keyboard, and your Magic Trackpad — or Magic Mouse if you’re one of those people. Like any Waterfield product, the Air Travel iMac Carry-On is made out of premium nylon and metal materials.

With more pockets than you’d know what to do with, you can easily carry everything you need for the ultimate inflight big screen experience. Pack your iMac, keyboard, and other travel essentials in the Air Travel iMac Carry-on and off you go.

Forza nylon construction, metal hardware and a 1.5-inch nylon adjustable shoulder strap support your hefty 10-pound iMac.

While Waterfield may have put this out as an April Fool’s Day joke, I can see a case for a product like this to actually exist. Like it or not, there is a small group of people who, instead of investing in a laptop, will actually travel around with their iMac. These people are real. I have seen them walk in, iMac in hand, and set up at a coffee shop or a library. They do exist.

Waterfield has the opportunity to corner this market with a quality solution, and I think they should totally go for it. I mean, just look at this guy below. He can finally travel with his iMac in style and he’s so happy about it:

The Air Travel iMac Carry-On makes people who travel with iMacs really happy.

While Waterfield also tested the waters with the HeadCase for Vision Pro and the Sixteen-Year Anniversary iPhone Pouch, I think they really hit gold with the Air Travel iMac Carry-On. I really hope this product turns into a reality and that I see someone walking onto the plane with one in the future. I will high-five that person and hope that they sit next to me.

Joe Wituschek Tech News Contributor

Joe Wituschek is a Tech News Contributor for BGR.

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