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You’re probably not rich enough for this luxury submarine

personal submarine

If you’re both extremely wealthy and also have a love of the deep blue sea, there’s plenty of options already available for you to splurge on. You can drop some pretty serious coin on any number of luxurious yachts — from big names like Bugatti, among others — and watch millions of dollars vanish before your eyes. But if you’re simply bored of the idea of being ostentatious above the waves, perhaps you’d like to take your extravagant lifestyle below the surface in a 12-person luxury submarine of your very own

Ocean Submarine — which might be the least creative company name of all time — is currently developing the Neyk Luxury Submarine, a personal submersible for very, very rich people. At 63 feet in length, the craft is capable of achieving depths of 500 meters, and a speed of 15 knots, all while fully loaded with a dozen passengers. The interior features luxury seating, a bar (of course) and, for some reason, a library.

The company’s Neyk submarine platform is being customized to suit a number of different applications, including deep-sea research, tourism, and even naval combat scenarios. As such, the luxury model boasts much of the same build specifications as its kin, meeting the hull strength requirements set forth by both the Royal Netherlands Navy and NASA.

Ocean Submarine is slated to have a full-sized prototype of the luxury submarine ready for January 2018, with manufacturing to begin after that. The company hasn’t revealed the actual final price of the craft yet, but with companies like Rolls Royce helping with design, you can bet it won’t be cheap.

Mike Wehner has reported on technology and video games for the past decade, covering breaking news and trends in VR, wearables, smartphones, and future tech.

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