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The first OnePlus 6 real-life speed test is here, and it beat Apple’s iPhone X

OnePlus 6 Speed Test vs. iPhone X

OnePlus earlier this week unveiled its first flagship smartphone of the year, the OnePlus 6. The phone was hardly a surprise for fans when OnePlus took the stage in London to tell the world all about its newest handset. We already knew that the OnePlus 6 would be powered by the same high-end processor as any other Android flagship of 2018, and that it would pack up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage.

OnePlus kept insisting on the phone’s speed in teasers, and drove that point home during the event as it explained how its engineers tweaked the software to ensure a smooth overall performance. So how fast is the OnePlus 6? The first real-life speed test is here, and it’s exactly what you might expect.

YouTube channel Web Hacks compared the OnePlus 6 against its predecessor the OnePlus 5T, as well as two of the hottest rivals right now — the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 — in a speed test variation that will sound familiar to some smartphone users.

These speed tests consist of two laps of opening apps on all the phones in a comparison. The first lap measures how fast a phone loads the same series of apps, while the second lap looks at how fast the phone reloads the same apps from memory, given that they’ve been already opened before.

Web Hacks only performed that first lap, and the result was somewhat predictable.

The OnePlus 6 needed 44 seconds to open the selected apps, compared to the OnePlus 5T which finished in 51 seconds. Interestingly, the late 2017 OnePlus handset was as quick as the Galaxy S9, which sports the same chip as the OnePlus 6.

The iPhone X came second overall, with 47 seconds, in the test.

Upcoming comparisons will probably show the OnePlus 6 win the second lap as well, considering that the handset has more RAM than its predecessors. The iPhone X already lost to the Galaxy S9+ in similar tests thanks to ongoing issues with iOS 11, and Samsung’s phone also ships with more RAM than the iPhone X.

Check out the clip below.

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