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The Nintendo Switch Mini leak might actually be real

Nintendo Switch Mini Release Date

We’ve told you a few times in recent months that Nintendo might be working on two new Switch consoles, including an upgrade for the current model and a smaller, more affordable Switch. Nintendo has denied those rumors every time someone brought them up, though.

Most recently, a The Wall Street Journal story claimed Nintendo is getting ready to unveil the two consoles, and earlier this week we saw an alleged render of the smaller Nintendo Switch leak. Now, we have more evidence to suggest that the Nintendo Switch Mini mockup that leaked may be based on the real thing.

We already warned you to take the image below with a grain of salt, but the Chinese gaming accessory maker that listed the product revealed more details about it to NintendoLife, saying that the case is based on “secret” information:

We’ve spoken to a HonSon representative about the product listings in question, and have been told that the company has based these products on ‘secret’ information and that it is waiting for Nintendo to officially confirm the system before putting these items into production; HonSon will then ‘adjust the model to ensure it can perfectly suit the console.’ The representative also confirmed that, based on the information it has received, the Switch Mini is (as the name suggests) ‘a little smaller’ than the current version.

It’s still unclear where this information is coming from, and we’ll stress the fact that HonSon has yet to reveal any actual details about the smaller console beyond the render we saw:

That said, we’re used to seeing leaks like this, as it’s precisely what happens with unreleased phones long before they reach stores. Accessory makers, which may have access to proprietary information from manufacturers, often design accessories for these devices, and many of them leak.

Nintendo, meanwhile, hasn’t yet made any announcements about the rumored new hardware. The WSJ reported a few days ago that the Japanese gaming giant is targeting the Christmas shopping season with the new consoles, so we expect an announcement to drop at some point in the next few months.

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