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Jeff Bezos trolls Elon Musk’s Space X triumph, Twitter rips him apart

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 9:10PM EST
Jeff Bezos Tweet

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Following a few high-profile failures, SpaceX made history yesterday after it successfully launched a rocket into space and managed to bring the booster safely back down to earth.

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In the wake of SpaceX’s tremendous achievement, the praise heaped upon the Elon Musk-led company was rightfully effusive. Most notably, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who owns his own commercial space company named Blue Origin, sent out a tweet congratulating SpaceX on their accomplishment.

“Welcome to the club,” the tweet partially read.

Now you would think that Bezos congratulating SpaceX would be a complete non-story, nothing more than an innocuous tweet amidst a sea of deserved praise. But this is the Internet, folks, where people are seemingly programmed to express righteous indignation with remarkable ease and enthusiasm.

The point of contention? People found it out of place for Bezos to suggest that he’s in the same club as SpaceX. Recall that Bezos’ company not too long ago sent a rocket up to the edge of space and brought it back down to earth. For a number of reasons, SpaceX’s mission was far more complex, technologically challenging, and impressive. As a result, many found Bezos’ implication more than a little bit off-putting. Further, some found Bezos’ categorization of the launch as ‘suborbital’ to be needlessly dismissive.

So yeah, Bezos was arguably trolling here, and when the Twitterverse got wind of it, they let the Amazon CEO have it with full force.

Some of the tweets sent Bezos’ way include the following jabs.



















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