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People are already lining up for the iPhone X

iPhone X release date: pre-orders

After this weekend’s monster collection of iPhone leaks, we’re pretty sure about what Apple’s announcing tomorrow. But still, the iPhone X is yet to become official, but people are already lining up to buy one.

Former Gizmodo Australia Luke Hopewell spotted a man camped outside the Sydney Apple Store already. Given that the new iPhone is traditionally released two weeks after the launch event, he could be waiting there for 15 days, for a phone he doesn’t actually know about yet.

Worse, he can’t know which phone he’s actually lining up for. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, this year’s incremental updates, will almost definitely be launching worldwide two weeks after unveiling. But the iPhone X — the big update anyone waiting in line would undoubtedly want — is already rumored to be in short supply. There’s a good chance it will only launch in October, and even then it might be a limited release at a handful of flagship stores at first.

If the iPhone X does end up going on sale in two weeks, though, this man will likely be the first person in the world to lay hands on a retail model. Because of the time difference, Australian users get the new iPhone first, and the earliest people lining up will get theirs before any pre-orders are delivered.

Is it worth two weeks of camping out on a sidewalk just to get a new smartphone a couple hours before the rest of the world? Probably not. But if nothing else, it sure shows that Apple has some dedicated fans.