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There’s only one day left to get AT&T’s killer iPhone X deal

June 18th, 2018 at 4:36 PM
iPhone X deals AT&T

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X have been on the market for nearly nine months now, so we’ve seen dozens of deals from all the major carriers. One offer that has remained elusive, however, is the mythical iPhone X buy-one-get-one-free. Almost all of the deals we’ve seen include the iPhone X, but it’s normally $700 off a second iPhone — buy-one-get-one-free for the iPhone 8, but not quite for the iPhone X.

AT&T broke with the trend, however, and offered a genuine iPhone X buy-one-get-one for Father’s Day. Obviously, it’s not Father’s Day any more, but the deal runs until Tuesday, June 19th, so you’ve still got around 24 hours to take advantage.

The deal structure has all the same terms and conditions we’re used to seeing on carrier buy-one-get-one-free deals. You have to buy both devices from the carrier on one of their installment plans. In this case, that means AT&T Next or AT&T Next Year. You have your choice of 30-month or 24-month installment plans, depending on how long you’re planning on keeping the device. You have to pay the tax on both iPhone X devices at the time of purchase, and then you pay the monthly payment on one device ($999.99 spread out over 24 or 30 months, depending on your plan). The payments for the second device will be covered by a bill credit, which is how the second device becomes free. .

This structure does ensure that you’ll stay with AT&T for the next two years or forgo the credits that make your second iPhone free. It’s a two-year contract by another name; you have to decide whether a free iPhone is worth losing independence for.

The one other detail is that the first device can be on a new line or an upgrade, but the second phone has to be on a new line, so if you’re not planning on adding anyone to your group plan, this is less of a good deal.

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