GeekBar has already posted images of the iPhone 7’s logic board and processor, so it’s no surprise that the site has also got its hands on the display assembly. It’s got a few interesting things to tell us about what the final iPhone 7 should look like.

Assuming that the part is real, and final — GeekBar has a decent pedigree here — it looks like not too much is changing from previous iPhones. The biggest difference is the wiring for the screen, which is run from the bottom of the device rather than the top. As MacRumors spotted, there’s still a cutout for a physical home button, which might disprove the rumor that the iPhone 7 will ditch the clickable home button.

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The iPhone 7 is tentatively set for an unveiling at an event on September 7th, with pre-orders opening on the 9th, and the device hitting the streets on the 16th. Apart from rumors about the home button, we’re expecting a device that looks broadly similar to the iPhone 6s. The only notable change should be the loss of the headphone jack (on some models, at least), leaving users to only use the Lightning port for audio.

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