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Longtime iPhone user isn’t looking back after switching to ‘magic’ Nexus 5X

Published Dec 14th, 2015 3:38PM EST
iPhone 6s Vs. Nexus 5X
Image: Google

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Switching smartphone platforms isn’t a simple matter and many users often find that they regret their decision shortly after picking up their new phone. This, however, was not the case with Reddit user are-you-really-sure, who recently wrote about their experience switching from the iPhone to the Nexus 5X. While not everything is perfect about the new device, the user nonetheless declares it “magic” and is happy to stick with it.

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Let’s first go over what the user likes about the Nexus 5X:

  • “The OS is very snappy and I feel like it’s much, much faster than iOS9.2 on my 6plus. There’s been moments that I lost track of my actions because I was stumbling over the speed of the phone, it’s amazing.”
  • “I absolutely love the granularity of the system, it’s great to be able to have multiple volume sliders and be able to have different Do Not Disturb prefs in the weekends and weekdays.”
  • “When I pick up my phone the screen turns on!”
  • Google Now on Tap is “magic when it works and it often does.”

That’s a pretty good list of positives, especially since we aren’t even talking about the “premium” Nexus device that launched this past fall but the value edition.

As for negatives, here’s what the user doesn’t like so far:

  • “I had to reboot the device because the camera app couldn’t find the camera?! Really?”
  • “Google is very sparse with their feedback sometimes. When stuff doesn’t work like you would expect, there’s just no explanation. For example, now on tap didn’t work for me. When I flipped the ‘on switch’ and pressed ‘Ok, let’s go’, the switch just flipped itself back to off without any message.”

As you can see, the positives seem to outweigh the negatives for this user so far. Check out their full impressions of the Nexus 5X at this link.

Brad Reed
Brad Reed Staff Writer

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