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Another iPhone bursts into flames, sending the owner to the ER

October 4th, 2016 at 7:45 AM

Thanks to Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphone that forced the giant South Korean company to recall the handset just weeks after it went on sale, we’re all more aware than ever that smartphone batteries can explode. There are plenty of reasons why it happens. In the case of the Galaxy Note 7, a manufacturing flaw was responsible. Battery age and physical damage can also result in batteries blowing up and phones catching fire.

The iPhone isn’t spared either. In a matter of days, we saw an iPhone 7 explode, an iPhone 7 Plus’s battery bulge up without causing a fire, and an iPhone 6 Plus going up in flames during class. Now, it’s an iPhone 6s that has exploded.

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A reader told Phone Arena that he was out with some friends when all of a sudden his iPhone 6s caught on fire. The phone was sitting in his back pocket, burned through his jeans and caused second-degree burns on the left side of his body and on his left index finger.

The person was treated in the emergency room, according to his claims. The iPhone apparently exploded after business hours, so he contacted Apple about it the next day. He is hoping that Apple replaces his phone, Phone Arena says.


The blurry image above shows the remains of the handset. The iPhone appears to be torn apart, but that’s about everything one can say about it since it’s completely unclear from the photo what happened to the phone. It’s also unclear what caused the explosion at this time. An investigation will surely follow, as Apple will want to know why the phone allegedly exploded.

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