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How to get Netflix back on your rooted Android phone

How to Install Netflix on Rooted Android

Advanced Android users who want more control over their devices, and know how to pull such tricks off, root their handsets and tablets. There are pros and cons to doing so, and Netflix is included in the latter category. The company confirmed it’s blocking rooted Android devices from installing its app. No matter how much you love rooting your device, losing Netflix access over it might not be worth it. However, it turns out there’s a way of both rooting your handset and using the Netflix app.

Netflix reason for blocking rooted devices is pretty simple. It wants to prevent advanced Android users from spoofing their location to access content that’s available in a specific market.

However, AddictiveTips found a way to use Netflix on an Android device.

Since Android savvy users usually root their devices, it shouldn’t be too hard to download the Netflix app APK from the Google Play using APK Pure on a PC

Once that’s done, simply connect your device to the computer, and sideload the app. That way, you’ll be able to install the app on your rooted or unlocked Android device and use it with your Netflix account. After all, Netflix is only blocking the installation of the app, which means that once it’s installed on your device, it should run just like it used to.

AddictiveTips notes the procedure is not illegal. But, as always with such procedure, handle everything with care and remember that you’re the only person responsible for whatever happens with your device during such procedures.

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