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Bringing Holiday Joy: Hiboy BK1, DK1, and S2Lite Are Beloved Electric Rides for Kids

Published Dec 1st, 2023 7:09AM EST
Hiboy DK1 Electric Dirt Bike For Kids
Image: Hiboy

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With Christmas and Chanukah right around the corner, families are getting ready to celebrate one of the most joyous times of the year. Gathering with friends and family for the holidays is something we look forward to all season long. Of course, it’s also the time of year when we give each other gifts.

Christmas presents are especially important for children, who spend months dreaming about opening the perfect present on Christmas morning. Instead of leaving things to chance, you can ensure your son or daughter is elated by getting them an electric bike or scooter from Hiboy.

Hiboy has been a leader in the electric mobility market for the past four years. The brand has become known for its safe and cost-effective electric bikes and scooters. Hiboy’s guiding principle is that everyone should have access to safe electric transportation, not just people willing to spend top dollar.

In addition to high-quality electric bikes and scooters for adults, Hiboy brings the same safety features and innovation to its electric mobility solutions for children. The company has a fantastic lineup of electric scooters and electric bikes for kids, and they’re all on sale with discounts ahead of Christmas 2023.

BK1 Kids Electric Balance Bike — The First Step in Balanced Riding

The Hiboy BK1 is the perfect beginner bike for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. In addition to its quality construction and crucial safety features, the BK1 is also an excellent way for your young child to develop better balance. This is the perfect bike to help your son or daughter build confidence so they’re ready for something larger when they grow out of this model.

Hiboy’s BK1 is a lightweight electric bike weighing in at just 17 lbs. It’s still sturdy and safe though, and has a max load of 77 lbs. The high-quality 100W electric motor has a maximum range of 6 miles and a maximum speed of 9 MPH. That way, it’s fun for your kids but not so fast that you need to worry about them injuring themselves.

Powerful brakes ensure safe stopping, whether your child is pedaling or using the electric motor, which has a battery that lasts for up to 50 minutes of use per charge. Once it runs out of juice, the battery takes just 3-5 hours to fully recharge from empty.

“The Hiboy BK1 Electric Balance Bike has exceeded my expectations,” one shopper named Lawson said in his review. “The battery charges quickly, and the bike’s performance is outstanding. My 5-year-old loves the freedom of riding independently, and the bike’s size is perfect for their age group. It’s a fantastic alternative to traditional training wheels and has helped my child develop balance and coordination. A fantastic purchase overall!”

You can read more Hiboy BK1 reviews to see how much parents love this model for their young kids.

The Hiboy BK1 electric bike retails for $399.99, and it’s an outstanding value at that price. Ahead of the holidays, however, it’s on sale with a huge discount.

DK1 Kids Electric Dirt Bike — The Adventurous Companion for Little Explorers

Compared to the BK1, the Hiboy DK1 electric dirt bike is a significant upgrade. It’s meant for older boys and girls, with support for a maximum load of up to 140 lbs. That means it’s perfect for children up to 13 years old or even slightly older, depending on their size.

Since the DK1 is made for older kids, it has a larger frame and plenty of upgrades. It’s also a dirt bike with large shocks and bigger brakes.

This model has a maximum range of 13.7 miles, and it can hit speeds of up to 15.5 MPH. The rechargeable 36V sealed battery lasts for up to 90 minutes when it’s running the powerful 300W motor. Your son or daughter will have an absolute blast riding the Hiboy DK1 on roads or dirt trails. Of note, the DK1 can be fully recharged in 4-5 hours.

Hiboy’s DK1 features a durable design that’s built to last, even with outdoorsy kids who want to push this electric dirt bike to its limits. And for younger kids, it’s the perfect way to help your child enhance their motor skills while enjoying time outdoors.

“We purchased the Hiboy DK1 Electric Dirt Bike as a birthday present for our 6-year-old daughter, and it has been worth every penny,” a buyer named Rhonda said in her DK1 review. “The bike offers excellent value for its price. The design is attractive, the performance is impressive, and the battery life is remarkable. It’s a high-quality product that provides endless entertainment for our child without breaking the bank.”

The Hiboy DK1 retails for $609.99, but you can buy this electric dirt bike for way less for that while it’s discounted for the holidays.

S2Lite Teen Electric Scooter — A Safe Ride for Youth on the Move

You really can’t go wrong with the BK1 or DK1 if you want to get your kid an incredible electric bike for Christmas. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an electric scooter instead, there’s another Hiboy model that’s perfect for your son or daughter.

The Hiboy S2Lite electric scooter for teens comes in black, white, and pink to suit any style. Plus, it has cool, colorful LED lights on the side and front, in addition to the headlight and brake lights. This electric scooter is stylish and safe, and the big LED light on the front looks so cool at night!

Weighing in at just 21 lbs, the S2Lite is lightweight enough to carry anywhere. It’s also easy to fold, so your child can easily carry it on a bus or put it in the trunk of a car. It has a maximum range of 10.6 miles, and it supports speeds of up to 13 MPH. The Hiboy S2Lite also has fantastic battery life and can fully charge in 3.5-4.5 hours.

Sturdy construction and excellent build quality make the S2Lite easy to control and brake. It’s perfect for any child as young as 8 years old, or up to 15 years old.

“The sleek design of the Hiboy S2 Lite is eye-catching and modern,” one user named Brian wrote in his review. “The scooter’s slim profile and foldable feature make it incredibly convenient to store and transport. It easily fits in the trunk of a car or can even be carried on public transportation. Despite its compact size, the scooter doesn’t compromise on stability or comfort.”

You should definitely read more Hiboy S2Lite reviews and check out the user photos so you can see how cool those LED lights look!

Normally, the Hiboy S2Lite electric scooter is priced at $439.99, which is more than fair for an electric scooter of this quality. Ahead of Christmas, however, you can get one on sale for much less than that.

Your child will love a new Hiboy electric bike or scooter for Christmas

Whether you choose the Hiboy DK1, Hiboy BK1, or Hiboy S2Lite, you know your kid will love getting a new electric bike or scooter for Christmas. And it’s just as crucial that Hiboy has subjected these models to thousands of safety tests. That way, you can rest assured your child is safe on their high-quality electric scooter or bike.

All three models are discounted for the holidays, so visit the Hiboy website to pick the perfect gift for your son or daughter.

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