In what might be one of the strangest twists of Google’s disastrous Pixel 2 launch saga, some users are finding that they are able to bring their faulty microphones back to life by blowing on them. Among the seemingly countless issues that have arisen since the Pixel 2 launched last month, one involved the phone’s microphone failing to activate some of the time and working other times. But some Pixel 2 owners appear to have found a solution.

In an on-going thread about the microphone issue on the Google Product Forums, one Google Pixel 2 owner said that he was able to temporarily reactivate the mic by “blowing into the speaker like you would an old NES cartridge.” Once the mic was working, he was able to deactivate it by blowing into the speaker.

Multiple users responded to the comment noting that the fix worked for them as well. You can even see a video of the fix in action at this link. The good news is that a faulty microphone should be covered by Google’s return policy, so be sure to get in touch with Google about an RMA ASAP if you’re experiencing anything abnormal when it comes to the mic on your Pixel 2. But in the meantime, you can use this one weird trick to fix it.

Oddly enough, Android Headlines points out that at least one Verizon customer who had bought a Pixel 2 was told by a customer service rep that the microphone issue would be resolved in an over-the-air update, but all signs point to this being a hardware issue. If not, it’s one of the weirdest software problems ever encountered.

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