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Galaxy S8’s Bixby just trolled Siri in the best possible way

Galaxy S8 Bixby Rap Mocks Siri

Samsung’s voice assistant that was supposed to launch with the Galaxy S8 is finally available in South Korea. And it turns out that it has a built-in sense of humor. If you ask it to rap, Bixby won’t hesitate to show you what it’s got. And while it may not be immediately clear, it’ll also make fun of Apple’s Siri assistant in the process.

If you’re familiar with Samsung’s Galaxy S history, then you probably know the South Korean giant often mocks Apple’s iPhone. Whether it’s in ads or on stage during the announcement, Samsung keeps taking hits at its biggest rival.

This year, however, things were different. At no point during the Galaxy S8’s press conference did Samsung say its latest phone is better than Apple’s iPhone 7. In the commercials that followed, Samsung focused entirely on the Galaxy S8 rather than having any sort of fun at the expense of an iPhone. It’s unclear whether Samsung changed its marketing style and is now officially avoiding taking hits at Apple. Then again, laughing at rivals isn’t something you should do when your previous flagship turned into an explosive fire hazard.

But Samsung found a way to mock a critical iPhone feature, Siri, with the help of this rapping gimmick. The actual words in the rap don’t actually say anything negative about Apple’s iPhone or about Siri. But when the verses are displayed on the phone’s screen, a hidden message becomes evident.

If you read the first letter of each line in the rap, as seen in the image below via The Verge, you’ll end up spelling out “I am better than Siri.”

Image source: Reddit

It’s a somewhat clever way of taking a hit at Apple, and it’s proof that Samsung isn’t completely done mocking the iPhone maker. It’ll be interesting to see whether Samsung works the joke into the English version of Bixby, once it finally launches.

The following video shows Bixby’s rapping skills in action. Again, it’s only available in Korean for the time being.

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