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You won’t believe how fast the Galaxy Note 10 charges

Galaxy Note 10 vs. OnePlus 7 Pro

Samsung’s 2019 flagships finally offer faster battery charging speeds than ever, with the Galaxy S10 5G reaching 25W speeds, and all the Galaxy Note 10 phones shipping with 25W chargers. The Note 10+ handsets, meanwhile, support 45W chargers, but you have to purchase them separately. However, it turns out that you don’t necessarily need that 45W brick, as the 25W default charger is able to outperform OnePlus’s 30W charger.

YouTube channel performed a battery charging speed test covering the Galaxy Note 9, OnePlus 7 Pro, Galaxy Note 10+, and iPhone XS Max. But only two devices of the three support faster chargers, including the 7 Pro and Note 10+.

The OnePlus phone packs a 4000 mAh battery that can charge at top speeds of 30W. The Note 10+ has a larger 4300 mAh battery that does 25W charging out of the box.

Surprisingly, the Note 10+ reached a full charge in some 65 minutes, while the OnePlus 7 Pro needed 85 minutes to go from 0% to 100%. Coming in third and fourth we have the Note 10 and iPhone XS Max, with 114 minutes and 123 minutes, respectively.

The Note 10’s performance is formidable, especially considering that the Plus model competed against a device featuring a smaller battery that supported faster-charging speeds. On paper, the 7 Pro is the winner. In a real-life test, however, it’s Samsung’s battery tech that wins.

Of course, neither battery charged at peak charging speeds for the whole duration of the process. Charging slows down as the batteries approach 100% to ensure safety. In fact, of all the handset vendors out there it’s Samsung that’s probably paying extra attention to battery safety. After all, the Note 7 battery fiasco still hasn’t faded from our memory.

With that in mind, however, Samsung’s battery achievement is all the more impressive. The company used a new Note flagship of all phones to debut faster battery charging technology, ready to go head-to-head against rivals.

This first battery charging test also proves you’ll only need a few minutes to get a decent charge on any of the Note 10 phones, as all of them support 25W speeds.

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