Last week, WikiLeaks posted a series of emails from the Democratic National Committee, with all sorts of embarrassing details for the DNC, and a bunch of passport and social security numbers of supporters. Rumors have been flying around that the hack was the work of the Russian government, and now the FBI has given those rumors some credibility by announcing an investigation.

According to a statement the FBI issued to the Associated Press, the Bureau is “investigating a cyber intrusion involving the DNC,” since “a compromise of this nature is something we take very seriously.”

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Worse, the Clinton campaign has insinuated that it was hacked because of Trump’s “bromance” relationship with Putin. The suggestion is that the Russians hacked the DNC in an effort to weaken Hillary, giving Trump an extra boost before the election.

Trump dismissed the rumors in his usual way:

Hopefully, the FBI’s investigation should set the record straight one way or another. Either way, the email leak is an unpleasant distraction for the DNC, just before its convention kicks off in Philadelphia.

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