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Comcast customer service is still more hated than the IRS

Published Apr 25th, 2017 5:42PM EDT
comcast customer service
Image: JeepersMedia

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Never one to miss an opportunity to toot its own horn — even if that horn is typically broken and will require a technician to arrive at your house between the hours of 8am and midnight — Comcast announced that its horrible customer satisfaction has improved, though not enough to bring it out of the realm of pure misery. Speaking with the Oregonian, the cable provider boasted that its tally of complaints filed to cable regulators in the state (that is, customers who were so unhappy that they actually took the step of filing a formal complaint with governing bodies) declined by 25% year over year. Neato.

To say that Comcast consistently performs poorly on customer satisfaction surveys would be a colossal understatement. Comcast has a long and storied history of being one of the most disliked companies in America, and while a 25% YoY decline in the most serious complaints (and in just one state) is perhaps a sign of things improving, it’s clearly not the full story.

As DSLReports points out, Comcast’s overall customer satisfaction scores are still hot garbage. The company, fresh off an abysmal 54/100 rating in 2015 for its TV product, improved to 62/100 in 2016. That’s a significant jump, but remains well behind the 65/100 average, and companies like Verizon (70/100), AT&T (69/100), and DirecTV (68/100) are still mopping the floor with Comcast.

What’s perhaps most telling about Comcast’s public satisfaction score is that it’s actually worse than the scores the IRS received for its e-filing, small business, and self-employed programs. Yes, the notoriously frustrating and confusing process of filing federal taxes is actually less hated than Comcast’s TV service. You probably won’t be seeing that in a Comcast press release any time soon.