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Apple Vision Pro tips and tricks: Screen record, guest mode, how to clean, and more

Published Feb 4th, 2024 12:06PM EST
Apple Vision Pro AR/VR and battery pack.
Image: Apple Inc.

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The Apple Vision Pro is now available. If you were able to secure a spatial computer on day one, I’m sure you have plenty of questions. We’re here to answer those questions with the best tips and tricks for Apple Vision Pro so you can get the most out of it.

Top Apple Vision Pro tips and tricks

How to screen record on Apple Vision Pro

Now that you have Apple’s spatial computer, you probably want to learn how to screen record it to show your friends how it looks. Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, look up to find the Control Center button and tap your fingers to select it
  • Choose Control Center and choose the screen recording option
  • A countdown will start, and then your screen will be recorded
  • Go back to the same settings to turn off screen recording

How to capture Spatial Videos

Even though you can select Apple Vision Pro’s camera app to capture Spatial Videos and Spatial Photos, the best way to record your memories is with your iPhone 15 Pro. Follow these steps to capture spatial videos and photos for your headset:

  • Open your camera app on the iPhone 15 Pro and select the video option
  • Turn your iPhone horizontally and select the Apple Vision Pro icon
  • Frame your composition so you can sense the depth between the object, the midground, and the background
  • Ensure you’re three to eight feet from your subject
  • Use even lighting and keep your iPhone level
  • Move slowly with your subject

How to use Guest Mode

Of course, people are going to want to test out your Vision Pro. Fortunately, with this tip, it’s easy to share the headset with someone else while retaining your privacy:

  • First, look up to find the Control Center button and tap your fingers to select it
  • Choose Control Center and open the controls
  • Find the Guest User icon and tap the set-up window
  • Pick which apps users can choose — you can switch between “Opened Apps Only” or all apps and data
  • You can also turn View Mirroring on so you can see what your guest is seeing
  • Also, you need to hand over your Vision Pro within five minutes, or the mode turns off

How to properly clean Apple Vision Pro

To keep your Apple Vision Pro always clean, use these tips:

  1. Place your Vision Pro inside its cover and set it on a level surface. 
  2. Wipe the optical displays with a clean, dry microfiber cloth — like your included Apple Vision Pro Polishing Cloth. Don’t use any paper products.

You can also apply ZEISS cleaning spray to your Apple Vision Pro Polishing Cloth, then wipe your Apple Vision Pro displays dry.

You can also clean your Light Seal cushion, head bands, and Apple Vision Pro cover. Be sure to always use fragrance-free, unscented dish soap. Don’t use cleaning wipes, disinfectant wipes, or laundry detergent. Here are the exact steps to follow:

  1. Remove your Light Seal Cushion, head band, or Apple Vision Pro Cover from the Enclosure.
  2. In a clean container, mix 5 tsp (25 mL) of fragrance-free dish soap into two cups (500 mL) of warm water.
  3. Place your Light Seal Cushion, head band, or Apple Vision Pro Cover in the soapy water. 
  4. Gently press and rub its surface with your hands and fingers for two minutes.
  5. Rinse under running water and gently compress the foam to remove excess soap for 30 seconds. Repeat as needed.
  6. Let it air dry at room temperature. Don’t use it until it’s fully dry. 

Apple published a support page to teach users how to clean other accessories for Apple Vision Pro.

How to set up ZEISS Optical Inserts

If you need ZEISS Optical Inserts for Apple Vision Pro, here’s how to set them up:

  • Put the device on a stable surface with a cover on
  • Find the correct lenses for each side; they’re identifiable with an L and an R
  • Lineup the left lenses in the left display and then do the same with the other one
  • Now, you can attach the power cable to the device

These are some of the top Apple Vision Pro tips and tricks worth knowing on day one.

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