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The latest Android commercial takes a big shot at Apple

Android Rock Paper Scissors Commercial

On Sunday night, capitalizing on the huge audience that tuned in for the 88th Academy Awards, Google debuted a new Android commercial that has everyone buzzing. It’s hard to say whether or not the diversity issue that dominated the conversation prior to the ceremony had anything to do with the inception of this ad, but it certainly seems like it might have.

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Here’s the minute-long commercial that premiered over the weekend:

It’s a sweet sentiment wrapped in a clever analogy — a pair of scissors stick up for a piece of paper at school and, in turn, the piece of paper scares off some bullying rocks on his walk home. If you’ve ever played rock, paper, scissors, you know that these three aren’t meant to get along, but they find a way to utilize their strengths to help one another.

Not only does it reject the idea that all smartphones need to be the same (cough *Apple* cough), but it also seems like a rallying cry for Android phone makers. Rather than spend time in-fighting, work together to make a better mobile ecosystem that promotes a diverse range of options.

No, it’s not quite as entertaining as Chris Rock’s killer monologue to kick off the Oscars, but it’s a nice message with surprisingly good timing.

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