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A fully loaded Apple Vision Pro will cost you over $5,000

Published Jan 19th, 2024 1:38PM EST
Apple Vision Pro AR/VR and battery pack.
Image: Apple Inc.

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Today is officially preorder day for the Apple Vision Pro, and with preorders going live, we finally know how much it might cost to buy the mixed-reality headset. While the Vision Pro starts at $3,499, that price can quickly climb for those who want more storage and accessories to go with what comes in the box.

So, how much will a fully loaded Apple Vision Pro run you? For the purposes of this exercise, I’m going to assume someone who is going all out and might not have many of the recommended accessories that you can use with the headset. However, I am going to assume you already have a compatible iPhone and Mac. Something tells me the people buying the Vision Pro already own those.

Ready to see how quickly this price climbs? Let’s get into it.

Apple Vision Pro: $3,899

Apple Vision ProImage source: Apple Inc.

First up is the storage. While the Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499, that will only get you the 256GB model. There’s also a 512GB configuration for $3,699, but we’re talking fully loaded here, so we’re going to go with the top 1TB configuration for $3,899. Starting price? $3,899.

Apple Vision Pro AppleCare: $499

Vision Pro's metal frame and interior components.
Vision Pro’s metal frame and interior components. Image source: Apple Inc.

Next up is AppleCare. Apple is offering AppleCare+ for the Apple Vision Pro for $499, which includes unlimited repairs for accidental damage and a temporary replacement while you’re waiting for your headset to be repaired:

  • Unlimited repairs for accidental damage protection
  • Apple-certified service and support
  • Express Replacement Service: we’ll ship you a replacement so you don’t have to wait for a repair 24/7 priority access to Apple experts
  • The Vision Pro does ship with a Cover that can protect the outer glass when it’s not in use.

With AppleCare+ on top of the headset itself, we’re already over the $4,000 mark and officially at $4,398. Now, onto the accessories. Before we get into that, I’m not going to include any accessories that already come in the box with the headset — except the battery. You can always use another battery, especially when the Apple Vision Pro won’t even last long enough to get through some of the movies that Apple has released on Apple TV+.

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case: $199

Apple Vision Pro Travel CaseImage source: Apple

If you want to be one of those people who wears their Apple Vision Pro on an airplane and shuts everyone else out, you’re going to need a way to travel with your headset. To that end, Apple has created the Apple Vision Pro Travel Case, which features storage for the headset, battery, lenses, cover, and other accessories.

Designed by Apple to protect your Apple Vision Pro when you’re on the go. The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case has a retractable handle and specially designed compartments for your battery, ZEISS Optical Inserts, Apple Vision Pro Cover, and additional accessories.

With the Travel Case in the cart, that brings us to a new total of $4,597. Let’s get the next accessory.

Apple Vision Pro Battery: $199

Image source: Apple Inc.

If there’s one thing most people who buy the Apple Vision Pro are going to need, it’s going to be a spare battery. The battery for the Vision Pro isn’t built into the headset itself. Instead, owners will attach an external battery pack that comes with around two hours of use. While you can plug the headset into the wall for unlimited juice, those who want to move around are going to need at least one of these extras.

The high-performance Apple Vision Pro Battery is made out of smooth, machined aluminum and connects to your Apple Vision Pro using a woven USB-C cable. It can slip into your pocket for portable power and supports up to two hours of general use, 2.5 hours of video playback, and all-day use when plugged in.

Let’s go with just one extra battery for now, which will bring our total to $4,796.

Belkin Battery Holder: $49.95

Speaking of that battery, where are you going to keep it? While some might tuck it into a pants pocket, others need another option. Enter the Belkin Battery Holder, which allows you to clip the battery to a belt or just straight-up strap it around your body.

Designed to keep your Apple Vision Pro Battery safe and secure, the Battery Holder allows for a convenient and versatile hands-free experience. The Battery Holder offers a quick and easy way to clip the battery onto a belt or pants, while the cross-body strap gives those without clip access a great way to be hands-free while experiencing Apple Vision Pro.

Adding the Belkin Battery Holder to the cart brings us to our new total of $4,845.95.

ZEISS Optical Inserts: $149

This one could be required (or not, depending on your eyes), but since so many people have prescription glasses or lenses, I’m going to include these in our fully loaded package. If you don’t need these because your eyes are perfect, good for you!

There are two types of ZEISS Optical Inserts: Prescription and Readers. And each type is sold as a pair designed to work with Apple Vision Pro. Answer a few questions and we’ll tell you which type you need.

The prescription version of these lenses will run you $149, bringing our total to $4,994.95.

Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad: $228

Apple's Vision Pro spatial computer.
Apple’s Vision Pro spatial computer. Image source: Apple

While you can connect your compatible MacBook to the Vision Pro and make use of the keyboard and trackpad on your computer, you may want to have a standalone keyboard and trackpad specifically to use with your headset. If that’s the case, you’re going to need to buy the Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Trackpad.

That will run you $228 in total, bringing us to our — finally — grand total you’ll be spending on the Apple Vision Pro.

Grand Total: $5,222.95

Apple Vision Pro showing the wearer's eyesImage source: Apple Inc.

If you want a fully independent and fully loaded Apple Vision Pro experience, you’re not going to be paying $3,499. Between the extra battery, travel case, AppleCare, and everything else, your bill is going to cross the $5,000 mark and end up at $5,222.95. Holy moly.

Of course, everyone is different, and some people may be buying even more batteries or forgoing the travel case. But there is no denying that buying into Apple’s Spatial Computing future is going to run you thousands of dollars — potentially a couple extra thousand on top of the headset itself.

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