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stars crashing

Incredible image shows two massive stars locked in battle

February 7th, 2020

Our Sun flies solo, chilling out in a relatively calm arm of the Milky Way galaxy and not causing much trouble for its stellar neighbors. That’s great for us, but it’s not uncommon for astronomers to find stars that orbit each other closely in an object called a binary. Binary star systems aren’t uncommon, but …

three sun planet

A red-hot alien world was found orbiting three stars

August 22nd, 2019

NASA’s TESS exoplanet-hunting satellite has already made some incredible discoveries in its first couple of years in service, but its latest find will definitely look familiar to sci-fi fans. The planet LTT 1445 A b is a rocky world approximately 1.4 times as large as Earth. It’s a likely baren rock with incredibly high surface …

oldest star

Scientists spotted an incredibly old star breathing its dying breath

August 5th, 2019

Age is a relative thing. With our finite (and relatively short) lifespans, humans tend to think of anything older than 100 years as being “really old,” but when talking about astronomy, a century (or even a million years) is a drop in the bucket. So, when astronomers say they’ve discovered an incredibly old star, you …