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AT&T 4G LTE network found to be faster than Verizon’s

AT&T has a lot of work to do before its emerging 4G LTE network provides coverage that even approaches Verizon Wireless’s year-old LTE network. Verizon LTE covers more than 200 million people across >>

U.S. broadband actually approaches advertised speeds

4G is a hot topic here on BGR and as such, we’ve likely become more numb than we should when it comes to advertised data speeds. We’re so used to seeing “theoretical limits” >>

AT&T says T-Mobile’s fake 4G network isn’t the biggest

AT&T released an official statement Wednesday regarding T-Mobile’s recent claims about 4G. AT&T’s problem was a bit different than ours… you know, that all 4G talk is bogus right now. Instead AT&T pointed >>

Are these Verizon Wireless LTE speeds?

Is this a screen shot of speeds achieved on Verizon’s 4G, LTE network? If you’re to believe a poster in the forums, then yes. The speeds, almost 13 Mbps down and 4.4 Mbps up, are >>