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Meet the Nexus smartwatch that never was

While Google is rumored to currently be working on a secret smartwatch project of its own, with LG expected to manufacture the device, earlier rumors suggested that the company was previously developing a Nexus smartwatch >>

Google Nexus tablet reportedly delayed until July

The Google-branded Nexus tablet the search giant is rumored to be co-developing with ASUS may be pushed back until July. Earlier reports had the device slated for launch some time in June, with an >>

LG wants to be Google’s next Nexus partner

LG, which was once a leading player in the mobile space, has yet to make a real splash in the Android era of smartphones. The company is looking to change that, however, with >>

Google’s Nexus tablet may enter production in April

Speculation surrounding an own-brand Google tablet began late last year when Google chairman Eric Schmidt was quoted as saying the company planned to soon “market a tablet of the highest quality.” The slate >>