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Moon News

Here’s how much it would cost to live on the Moon

Over the past year and a half or so, there have probably been many moments when you’ve wanted to get away from it all. With a global pandemic, political unrest, and a whole >>

NASA may want to send bacteria to the Moon and Mars after all

Research from the International Space Station reveals the benefits of using bacteria to extract minerals from material found on the Moon and Mars. One specific bacteria is capable of extracting rare earth elements >>

NASA announces discovery of water on the Moon

NASA announced the confirmation of water on the lunar surface. The discovery is big, but scientists had believed that there was water trapped within the lunar soil for some time now. Processing the >>

NASA just shelled out $14M for space habitat tech

NASA has partnered with a company that specializes in 3D printed homes and other structures to come up with a way to print structures on the lunar surface. NASA’s Artemis missions will send >>