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Moon News

The Moon is getting 4G thanks to NASA and Nokia

NASA wants to build a 4G/LTE communications network on the Moon, and it’s hoping that Nokia will be able to make it happen. Nokia’s Bell Labs will work on adapting technology used on >>

The Moon’s surface is heavily radioactive

Researchers have determined that the surface of the Moon is highly radioactive due to a combination of factors. The surface of the Moon is approximately two to three times as radioactive as the >>

NASA’s 2024 Moon mission is in serious jeopardy

NASA’s plans to return humans to the Moon by 2024 will depend largely on whether it can secure funding from Congress. Right now, the space agency needs several billion more dollars to make >>

NASA wants you to help collect Moon rocks

NASA wants to enlist private companies to build hardware that can gather lunar surface samples and prepare them for return to Earth at a later date. The call for proposals requests that the >>

Scientists puzzled at discovery of rust on the Moon

Scientists have discovered traces of rust minerals on the Moon’s surface. The Moon has iron, but no liquid water or oxygen, so rust shouldn’t be possible. A new theory suggests that the Moon >>

Earth got blasted by asteroids 800 million years ago

An asteroid bombardment impacted both the Moon and Earth roughly 800 million years ago, new research suggests. By dating the craters on the Moon, researchers were able to estimate when the Earth-Moon system >>