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GeoHot News

Root keys for Sony’s PlayStation 3 go public

Famed iOS hacker geohot is utilizing his talents to aid the tinkering community of another platform, the PlayStation 3. Mr. Hotz has successfully acquired and published the root keys used by Sony’s popular >>

Limera1n now available for Mac and PC

Geohot’s iOS 4.x jailbreaking utility limera1n has been available for Windows since 10/10/10 and now, thanks to some handy coding, it is available for the Mac as well. The one-click jailbreak utility can be downloaded free of >>

Geohot demos untethered jailbreak for iPhone

Stevesy (Jobs, not Zissou) is certainly not going to like this. iPhone hacker extraordinaire George Hotz aka geohot has just teased the iPhone community with a 68 second video showing off a new >>

Mr. "Make it blackra1n" geohot successfully hacks PS3

Everyone’s favorite iPhone outlaw, George Hotz (better know as geohot), has been at work mastering another piece of hardware: the PlayStation 3. And so far, Geohot has had quite a bit of success. >>

Geohot unleashes blackra1n upon iPhone OS 3.1.2

Following up on the success of purplera1n, iPhone hacker extraordinaire geohot has released a jailbreak solution for OS 3.1.2 dubbed blackra1n. Currently only being offered to Windows users, blackra1n works on all generations >>