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Blacksn0w iPhone unlock complete, launching November 4th

About a week ago, geohot released an update to his iPhone jailbreaking software dubbed Blackra1n RC2, and while that was all well and good for all you AT&T guys, it did leave those of us who need a baseband unlock on our iPieces wanting more. Enter blacksn0w. Demoed on YouTube, the blacksn0w exploit will provide a baseband unlock of the 3.1.x firmware allowing your iPhone to run on your preferred GSM carrier. Blacksn0w will be released to the jailbreaking baseband unlocking masses on November 4th and can be loaded onto your device directly from Blackra1n. Boo ya. We’re curious, how many of you iPhone fanatics rely on a baseband unlock to have a functional iPhone? We’ve got the video all queued up for you after the bounce.