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Scientists tricked mosquitoes into delivering vaccines to humans

October 2nd, 2022

Scientists have managed to turn one of the deadliest insects into a vaccine delivery system. According to new reports from NPR, a clinical trial for a system meant to use mosquitoes to deliver vaccines has been underway in the United Kingdom. The findings of the trial have been published in Science Translational Medicine.

genetically modified cockroaches could open new doors for gene-editing research

Scientists made genetically modified cockroaches

May 18th, 2022

Scientists have finally gone too far. For the first time in history, scientists have created genetically modified cockroaches. Now, obviously, scientists going too far is a joke. But why exactly would scientists edit the genes of cockroaches? Well, for scientific progress, of course.


Scientists might actually create hypoallergenic cats

April 1st, 2022

People with cat allergies may be able to have a cat sometime in the future thanks to gene-editing technology. Of course, the creation of truly hypoallergenic cats is far off. But, scientists believe they could use CRISPR, a gene-editing tool, to remove the gene responsible for creating the protein that causes cat allergies.

crispr cancer

Novel CRISPR system can stop cancer in its tracks

November 21st, 2020

Scientists have developed a new system using the CRISPR genome-editing system to attack and kill cancer cells. The system targets cancel cells directly and, like “scissors,” cuts their DNA, killing them. Additional trials and testing are needed, but the promising new system could eventually be used to fight cancer in humans. The fight against cancer …

Coronavirus Tests

Revolutionary new coronavirus test delivers a diagnosis in 5 minutes

October 9th, 2020

A new coronavirus test needs only five minutes to deliver a positive diagnosis and has another advantage compared to traditional testing — it can also determine the viral load of an individual. The CRISPR test was developed by a USCF team led by Jennifer Doudna, the scientist who won a share of this year’s Nobel …

SATI gene editing

New gene-editing technique shows promise in negating bad mutations

August 26th, 2019

We’ve all heard a lot about genetic modification this year, thanks in large part to one Chinese scientist taking it upon himself to edited the genes of human babies. His work was universally decried by fellow scientists and he got himself into some serious trouble because of it. But genetic modification is an incredible tool …

crispr baby

Scientists say genetically modified babies will have shorter lives

June 4th, 2019

In late 2018 a Chinese scientist name He Jiankui performed work that has gained him not only the criticism of his peers but also backlash from his home country’s government. He took the extraordinary step of performing genetic modification on human embryos with the intention of having them carried to term. A pair of newborns …