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Bacteria News

NASA may want to send bacteria to the Moon and Mars after all

Research from the International Space Station reveals the benefits of using bacteria to extract minerals from material found on the Moon and Mars. One specific bacteria is capable of extracting rare earth elements >>

A deadly bacteria is sweeping along the East Coast

A species of flesh-eating bacteria is popping up with increasing regularity in the Carolinas. The bacteria can infect through contact with water sources, easily taking root via small cuts or sores. The bacteria >>

Scientists solve mystery of space bacteria on the ISS

When you’re living in a remote, isolated environment, things like bacteria and viruses can wreak havoc in a very short period of time. The International Space Station definitely qualifies as being remote and >>

The International Space Station is disgusting

The International Space Station has been home to space travelers for nearly two decades now, and with the current crew of six, there’s been a total of 59 expeditions — or, teams of >>