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NASA’s awesome updated site lets you explore outer space from home

Planets of the solar system

NASA has updated its Eyes on the Solar System website, allowing space enthusiasts to explore space directly from home. It’s a unique way to get a look at the Solar System as we know it, and you can even simulate the landing of NASA’s spacecraft, like the Perseverance rover.

Explore space from the comfort of your home with this cool NASA tool

view space from homeImage source: NASA

The nice thing about this tool is that you can explore just about anything. The Eyes on the Solar System tool isn’t a new one, either. It’s been around for a bit. But NASA used to offer it as an application. Now, though, it’s available on NASA’s website, and the system works smoother than ever to let you explore space from the comfort of your home.

This latest update was first spotted by HotHardware, and will probably be a great way to keep tabs on the upcoming Artemis I mission once it launches. NASA has rescheduled the Artemis I launch for late September, and the update to this tool seems to coincide with that mission in some way. On top of being available on desktop, you can also load the site on your phone.

The tool makes it easy to explore space from your home and showcases the Solar System accurately as it is right now. You can even look directly at ongoing space missions like the D.A.R.T. test, which is set to occur later this year. It’s a really impressive tool all around, and great for students or any space enthusiasts who want a deeper look at our Solar System.

The Eyes on the Solar System tool is a great way to check out everything that NASA knows about our Solar System. And with tools like this, the space agency is opening new doors for how the public can keep track of space missions, discoveries, and other space-based operations.

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