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NASA wants your help to work in the dark

NASA is awarding up to $5 million in prizes for technology that will provide power storage and management on the Moon. Moon settlements and long-term missions will require stable sources of power, and >>

NASA reveals plans for human return to the Moon

NASA has issued a press release explaining its plans for returning humans to the Moon by 2024. Two Artemis missions will launch prior to Artemis III, which will be the mission that will >>

This new Hubble photo is absolutely mind-blowing

The Hubble Space Telescope operated by NASA and the ESA has returned another stunning image of an area of space. The globular star cluster known as NGC 1805 is a collection of stars >>

NASA’s Mars rover spots a Martian dust devil

NASA’s Curiosity rover managed to capture images showing a dust devil cruising along the dry landscape.  Dust devils occur when temperature irregularities create vortexes, much like on Earth. Mars and Earth are shockingly >>