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NASA’s Perseverance rover is locked and loaded

NASA has loaded its new Perseverance rover onto the rocket bay that will carry it all the way to Mars. The launch is currently slated for sometime between July 30th and August 15th >>

Stunning time lapse features a decade of the Sun

A new video released by NASA crunches 10 years of Sun observations by the Solar Dynamics Observatory down into just over one hour. The video shows the Sun moving between its maximum and >>

These new Hubble images are absolutely bonkers

The Hubble Space Telescope captured new images of familiar planetary nebulae using a different camera for the first time. The result is a stunning glimpse of both NGC 7027 and the Butterfly Nebula >>

Here’s what NASA thinks of its ISS manager retiring

NASA’s head ISS program manager retired yesterday, just weeks after the first Commercial Crew mission made a successful flight to the space station. The departure has left NASA in a bit of a >>

Get ready to see the Sun as you’ve never seen it before

NASA’s Solar Orbiter, a mission conducted in partnership with the European Space Agency, made its first close approach observations of the star. The spacecraft is roughly halfway between the Earth and the Sun >>