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NASA forced to delay first Mars Helicopter flight

NASA’s Perseverance mission to Mars has been pretty much perfect thus far. The rover and its tiny helicopter companion landed on the Red Planet with ease and after about a month of systems >>

This Mars image looks unreal, and it sort of is

The image you see above is the surface of Mars. I know that’s hard to believe since you normally see Mars in dusty, vaguely orangish hues in photos snapped by NASA’s Mars rovers >>

NASA is dumping dirt on its InSight lander on purpose

NASA’s InSight lander has been chilling out on Mars for many months now. NASA has had an incredible string of luck with its Mars missions and unfortunately, it’s looking increasingly like InSight will >>

NASA’s TESS spacecraft has spotted 2,200 new worlds

It wasn’t all that long ago that humans didn’t even know for sure if planets existed outside of our solar system. We can see stars, of course, but spotting planets orbiting those stars? >>