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Viral video shows what happens when you light 10,000 sparklers at once

If I had to pick three things that I never get tired of writing about, they would be terrifying fast food, Japanese game shows, and crazy Russians who do crazy things and post videos of them on YouTube. And speaking of crazy Russians, this morning I came across a video posted by the Russian SlivkiShow YouTube account that showed us what happens when you take 10,000 sparklers and ignite them all at the same time. The results were, well, explosive.

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I do not speak a word of Russian so I have no idea what the person making this video is talking about. Google hilariously translated the video’s title to “WHAT IF ignite 10,000 sparklers!” and that’s honestly the only thing you need to know about it to enjoy watching it. The man in the video takes a giant collection of 10,000 sparklers into a field and lights them on fire, then rushes away to film them from a safe location. He also attaches a GoPro camera to a long pole to help him get some pretty spectacular overhead footage of the resulting explosion.

And it is quite an impressive explosion:

Nicely done, comrade.

Check out the whole video for yourself below.

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