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FDA approves groundbreaking insomnia drug that improves sleep with less grogginess

Updated Jan 19th, 2022 12:38PM EST
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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new insomnia drug called Quviviq. The manufacturer of the drug claims that it can help people sleep better without making them feel so groggy the next day. The drug was developed and manufactured by a Swiss drugmaker Idorsia, and it’s scheduled to be available for purchase in May of this year.

This new insomnia drug could help you sleep better

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People experiencing a lack of sleep isn’t a new issue. In fact, the Sleep Foundation says that almost half of all Americans say that they feel sleepy during the day. Reportedly, over 35 percent of adults in the US sleep less than seven hours a night. With between 10 and 30 percent of all adults struggling with chronic insomnia, Idorsia is hoping to help cull some of the issues plaguing Americans when its new drug releases later this year.

Users will take the drug at night, before going to bed. The company says that it begins working quickly and works over an extended amount of time. Idorsia claims the user wakes up seven or eight hours later feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Jean-Paul Clozel, the CEO of Idorsia, said his team has been working on developing Quviviq for more than 25 years. The team’s motivation came from the growing amount of sleep disorders that plague people around the world.

The FDA approved the insomnia drug in doses of 25 and 50 milligrams. In recent late-stage trials, Quviviq has shown some improvements in the user’s sleep at night. Additionally, this has reportedly led to increases in daytime function as well.

Not the only answer

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Of course, even with drugs like Quviviq being approved and released, sleep disorders continue to be a major problem in countries around the world. In a recent talk with Healthline, Dr. Harly E. Greenberg warned that medication like Quviviq isn’t necessarily a complete answer to insomnia or sleep disorders as a whole. Instead, it should be treated as another treatment option for patients that need medication.

It will be interesting to see how drugs like Quviviq really help the sleep disorders plaguing our world. If an insomnia drug can come along that makes it easier to fall asleep, and also removes a lot of the other weird side effects that these drugs have, it could be very successful. Of course, we’ll have to wait until May to see how this drug really works in the real-world environment.

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