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This is what an $80 Burger King Whopper looks like

Burger King $80 Whopper

And here I thought the $12 McDonald’s mega-burger was impressive! Japanese website RocketNews24 recently went to a Burger King and put their commitment to customer service to the ultimate test by asking them build a Whopper that contained an estimated $80 worth of pickles. The result did not look appetizing but it is nonetheless amazing.

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Here is what it looked like:

That… is a lot of pickles.

Amazingly, the website originally wanted to put even more pickles on the burger but decided against it because doing so could well have drained the franchise’s entire pickle supply for days on end.

“Obviously, the towering almost-entirely-pickles-Whopper was far too big to eat like a regular burger, so the whole sad, mutated mass had to be disassembled and eaten piecemeal by everyone in the office,” the website explains. “So basically, one guy ended up just eating a regular Whopper and everyone else walked away with hundreds of pickles. Which begs the question, if we can’t even eat these ridiculous concoctions of ours as they’re intended, why even bother with all this?”

To check out even more photos of this colossal pickle monstrosity, check them out this link.

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