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Amazon unclaimed packages can be bought by anyone — here’s how

Updated Mar 30th, 2023 9:54AM EDT
Amazon Packages
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It may surprise many people, but buying lost or misplaced packages from Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and other delivery services is possible, and even actively sought out. When a package isn’t delivered to its intended recipient due to an address or shipping issue, it is auctioned off by the respective shipping service.

A year ago, I ordered some sneakers from Nike’s website. When they still didn’t show up a few weeks later, I contacted Nike and was told there was a shipping mix-up involving FedEx. My sneakers were lost in transit, the Amazon packages were not delivered. FedEx, I was told, had the package in a warehouse but was unable to deliver it for some reason that I still don’t fully understand. Nike ultimately sent me a new pair of sneakers. The original package, as I’ve come to find out, may have been purchased by someone else. Enter unclaimed Amazon packages!

Where to buy unclaimed Amazon packages

Naturally, purchasing Amazon unclaimed packages is a risk. Sometimes, you’re not quite sure what you’re buying until you open it up. You might find a treasure trove of tools, or you might find out that you overpaid. Some listings on the Amazon website simply show a pallet of boxes and have a simple description that reads “Pallet of Assorted Tools & More.” The good news is that you can search the available inventory by product type. For instance, you can look for boxes containing consumer electronics or clothes.

Amazon liquidation websites look very profitable. You can buy unclaimed items at huge discounts. However, it’s risky too. You can have a truckload of items with little or zero resale value. Therefore, finding the best liquidation site to buy unclaimed Amazon packages is important. We’ve compiled some top Amazon liquidation and auction sites and tips on how to find suitable products.

Direct Liquidation

Direct liquidation home page, Amazon unclaimed packages

Direct liquidation auctions undeliverable Amazon packages with a “Buy now” option. The website features new inventory and refurbished stock under a 90-days warranty. While the website can arrange for delivery of the assignment, customers can also choose to pick them up. Countless people around the globe trust this e-commerce liquidation company as it offers liquidation stocks in varying sizes and fosters easy transactions. Irrespective of your budget, you can find unclaimed Amazon packages which you can profit from. Six convenient locations of Direct Liquidation spread across the US make it easy for users to buy Amazon unclaimed packages near them. Wholesalers, retailers, and distributors can purchase liquidation pallets in bulk from this auction at an estimated retail price.


BULQ home page

BULQ is a liquidation business based in the USA which directly deals with Amazon and other e-commerce companies. The inventory rates vary from the seller. Some inventories have an unfixed price, whereas others offer a two-day auction. However, the purchases made through BULQ are final, and users cannot return or exchange the same. You can either pay the flat delivery charge of 30 dollars or transport the pallets yourself. The inventories can only be purchased from the US. Delivery address.

One website where you can explore various auctions is Liquidation. They sell unclaimed lots from Amazon by truckload, pallet, and box.  You can buy unclaimed mail in varying conditions, mainly in the kitchen appliances, houseware, industrial, vehicle, and computer categories.


BoxFox sells Amazon unclaimed packages by auction directly from the e-commerce giant. You can keep track of live auctions using the company’s app or website for free. However, they just sell unclaimed lots. Each Amazon package has its bid price and is later sold to the highest bidder. In addition, they provide services to non-US countries. You pay the bid price, shipping costs, and 7% commission through wire transfer each time you buy unclaimed mail from here.

American Pallet Liquidators

American Pallet Liquidators is one of the biggest liquidation companies in the US, based in Indiana. Coupled with a rich experience in dealing with Amazon unclaimed package liquidation, the company offers a proficient platform for customers on the lookout for available unclaimed orders. American Pallet Liquidators has one of the biggest warehouses, allowing users to physically see the areas containing more than 2500 pallets. You can search for unclaimed returns at the nearest American Pallet Liquidators near you.

Local swap meets

Watching someone open a surprise gift taps into that human thrill of anticipation. Because of this, unboxing videos of people opening their mystery Amazon and USPS packages go viral on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Some people prefer e-commerce sites as the transaction is easy and convenient, but others prefer the added fun that comes with interacting at a swap meet. Stephanie, a TikTok influencer (@stephaniegrime) credited with the trend, bought mystery boxes at a swap meet, and that’s where the fun began.


Who wants a bedazzler video! Part 111/200 in series of me opening Unclaimed mail for $1 each! #savemoney

♬ Footloose – Kenny Loggins

She paid $1 per mystery box for a hundred mystery boxes, then unwrapped them for her audience. Her treasure trove revealed a wide range of items, from mundane items to high-priced products. On some days, she unwrapped valuable items like watches and jewelry. She revealed a Starbucks voucher or a random stuffed toy on other days. But no matter the results,  it’s been a thrill for her and her ever-growing number of viewers.


Craigslist lets you see plenty of items being sold in your area. People can place ads on Craigslist for all kinds of things. You can find a cheap vacuum on Craiglist. You can also become an extra in a movie. There are tons of different options when searching Craiglist. But it is not always the safest platform, so you better be careful.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is meant as an online place to buy or sell items. You can join groups that will allow you to post what you are selling to locals. You can just post it to the local area, and people will message you. You’ll be able to set a price and then negotiate with potential buyers. If you are the one buying, you can negotiate with a seller. Then, you can pick it up from where they are or ask to meet in a public place. It is also possible that you’ll get some of the best money returns here.


eBay is one of the oldest online marketplaces to buy and sell goods. There are plenty of new and used items that can be bid on. It is an online auction that allows you to find some great deals potentially. But you could be against someone who wants the item more than you. You’ll be able to find some rare deals on eBay potentially.


OfferUp is a place where you won’t have to sell Amazon packages. You can search for all kinds of items, like baby formula or cars. You can counter the seller’s offer to try and get a good deal. Items can be sold in a new or used fashion. It can mostly be done from your phone if you want with the helpful app.


There’s also a way to acquire undelivered USPS items. The GovDeals website touts itself as a liquidity services marketplace, and you can search across various product categories. It isn’t a bad idea if you want to do deep dives on possible items. You may be able to find some sweet deals that you were hoping for.


Can we buy Amazon unclaimed packages?

Amazon packages that could not reach their intended destination are sold on legit auctions. They can be bought wholesale and sold at the current market value.

Where can I buy undeliverable Amazon packages?

Amazon has various liquidation sites you can buy unclaimed packages from. Some of these sites are Direct Liquidation, BULQ, American Pallet Liquidator, and local swap meet.

How do I buy unclaimed parcels?

Order unclaimed packages on e-commerce websites. Sites like Barton’s discount, eBay, Craiglist, and Poshmark sell many mystery boxes. When on any site’s homepages, just type unclaimed Amazon packages.

Does Amazon really sell unclaimed packages?

Yes, Amazon sells unclaimed and USPS packages in legit auctions.

Are Amazon return pallets worth it?

When choosing an Amazon return pallet, you are paying less than the fixed prices of the item.

What happens to all the lost packages?

Here is how it works; The USPS processing centers send all their undeliverable mail to the mail recovery center. They scan and open the Amazon packages to identify owners’ info, then send them a new package if the item’s value is $25 or more.

How can I get cheap returns on Amazon?

The best way to get cheap Amazon return pallets is through Amazon or a liquidation company. The more you are willing to buy, the cheaper the cost.

What is an Amazon pallet?

Amazon return pallets are pallets of goods that have been returned to Amazon. These goods are sold at discounted prices to anyone willing to take the risk.

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