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UK received a meager 16,000 iPhone 4s, Vodafone and others already sold out?

While the US is now in full iPhone launch mode, those closest to the International Date Line have long been enjoying the hype of the iPhone launch and the resulting shortages that are associated with such demand. One of the first carriers to officially announce that it has sold out of its stock is Vodafone UK. A bright orange message on Vodafone’s website confirms that the carrier is plum out of iPhone 4s and is not expeingte to be replenished for a few weeks. This may only be the first of several carriers in the UK to sell out as it is rumored that entire region only received a meager 16,000 handsets. Shortages are reported at O2 and even some branches of Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U reportedly never received their iPhone 4 shipments. Anyone in the UK enjoying a bright and shiny new iPhone or are you still waiting in vain?

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