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The most disappointing video games of all-time, according to Redditors

Published Oct 22nd, 2014 4:47PM EDT
Top 10 Most Disappointing Video Games

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There is no feeling like when a highly anticipated game completely disappoints after it’s released. Months or even years of buildup can lead to a game that’s such a waste of time that you may end up selling your console because of it. Reddit users have sounded off on their most disappointing games ever and while there are few surprises, the reasons for their disappointment are nonetheless interesting.

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One of the most upvoted comments in the Reddit thread is about the game Brink. One Redditor says, “Throwing my $60 out the window would have been a smarter decision than anything Brink’s AI ever did in the game.” Another adds, “Lighting three $20 bills on fire would’ve been more entertaining than that game.”

Next up is Destiny. This Redditor bluntly states how repetitive it is: “Each story mission begins with some dryly intoned lore, then you run to a location, reach a choke point, shoot stuff, progress a little, new choke point, shoot stuff. Access a mainframe, shoot waves of monsters. Then the mission is over.”

One Redditor took an even broader approach by stating, “Every Call of Duty after Modern Warfare 2,” was disappointing.

Check out the most disappointing games according to Redditors by upvotes:

1. Spore

2. Brink

3. Destiny

4.Every Post-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

5. Halo 4

6. Fable 3

7. Watchdogs

8. Elder Scrolls Online

9. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

10. Dead Island

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