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T-Mobile@Home launch details aplenty

Updated 4 years ago

After one of the lengthiest beta periods in recent memory, T-Mobile is finally getting around to launching their UMA service next week. We’ve got some launch details here, though please keep in mind that these are unconfirmed and subject to change. The service will launch, as rumored, nationwide next Wednesday, June 27th. TV ads for T-Mobile@Home will launch the same day. The TV spots might feature a bathrobe-clad man named Jimmy. Here’s where it gets interesting. Apparently T-Mobile will be holding a contest, beginning in early July, in 11 major markets, giving away a free phone, router, and a full year of service to the first 100 customers in select stores. The markets and stores have not been revealed, but a free year of service is nothing to scoff at! We had the opportunity to beta test T-Mo’s UMA service over a year ago. While there were certainly some kinks to be worked out of the system, the voice quality was good, and the GSM/WiFi hand-off was completely transparent. Anyone out there looking to buy in to T-Mobile’s newest offering?

Thanks, anonymous tipster!

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