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T-Mobile responds to complaints from G2 users seeking root

In case you haven’t been keeping up on your HTC G2 news: The recently released Android 2.2, G2 handset from T-Mobile has a built-in security feature that is having an adverse effect on those who are trying to root the device. As T-Mobile explains:

The HTC software implementation on the G2 stores some components in read-only memory as a security measure to prevent key operating system software from becoming corrupted and rendering the device inoperable. There is a small subset of highly technical users who may want to modify and re-engineer their devices at the code level, known as “rooting,” but a side effect of HTC’s security measure is that these modifications are temporary and cannot be saved to permanent memory. As a result the original code is restored.

This is good for those users who are not interest in root access; as the chance of a bricked device become slimmer. It is however not so good for that “subset of highly technical users” who are trying to get their electronic mitts on the G2’s innards. It appears as though the Android-tinkering community will just have to be a little more creative than usual with the G2.