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T-Mobile initiates per-message SMS rate hike

Here we go again. T-Mobile has just quietly announced that they will be raising their per-message SMS fees to 20 cents from the current 15 cent benchmark effective August 29th. Sure, they’re merely responding to the current industry average price, but when you’re hailed as one of the most value-oriented carriers in the country, a move like this could have some pretty negative implications. Of course, this raises the age old question for T-Mobile subscribers looking for a back door out of their contract: will I be able to leave without incurring an ETF? This all depends on who you talk to, but these rate hikes are generally seen as material breaches of contract on the carrier side which, assuming you push hard enough, will usually result in an ETF-free departure. As always, we don’t advocate this sort of buffoonery, but if you’ve been itching to try out another carrier’s airwaves, this might be the right time to step up to the plate. Oh, and nice timing T-Mobile. No one was hoping for an added incentive to shift over to the iPhone 3G’s network of choice.


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