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Microsoft realizes the Surface will never beat the iPad, goes after the MacBook Air instead

Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air TV Ads

Apple may have dumped its Mac vs PC ads a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean such ad comparisons are over. It’s now Microsoft’s time to troll Apple with comparison ads, this time using the Surface Pro 3 to take on one of Apple’s most iconic laptops out there in the MacBook Air.

In a trio of new TV commercials that were posted on YouTube, Microsoft is showing the Surface Pro 3’s best features, including touchscreen display, detachable keyboard, stylus support, full support for laptop apps and connectivity ports, while making fun of the MacBook Air in the process. The Surface Pro 3 is described as “the tablet than can replace your laptop in all these ads.

In the “Power” ad, the message is clear for Microsoft – the Surface Pro 3 can do more than what the MacBook Air can do.

In the “Head to Head” video comparison, Microsoft reveals the Surface Pro 3 matches the MacBook Air when it comes to hardware, topping it thanks to the touchscreen display – the company hilariously advises users against trying to use the MacBook Air’s display as a touchscreen in the process.

Finally, in the “Crowded” commercial, Microsoft says the Surface Pro 3 can replace a MacBook Air + iPad + notebook combo, trolling Apple’s “You’re more powerful than you think” iPhone 5s TV ad campaign message by using it against a Mac user who has to carry around a lot more things than a Surface Pro 3 model to enjoy the same features.

The three new Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air ads follow below.

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