The Great Wall of China is one of humankind’s most impressive achievements. First used as a massive fortification line meant to keep enemies away, the Great Wall is now one of China’s biggest tourist attractions.

Given the wall’s high profile, Disney figured it would be the perfect location to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens by deploying 500 Imperial stormtroopers to stand on it.

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As The Guardian reveals, Disney flew in an army of stormtroopers to line up on the Great Wall of China for one of the most impressive promotional stunts we’ve ever seen for a movie.

Once deployed, the stormtrooper army stood in a motionless formation on the steps below one of the guard towers on Tuesday night, as giant billboards were displaying “The Force Awakens” title in Chinese. Meanwhile, Star Wars fans present at the scene waved around toy lightsabers and took selfies.

Even so, Disney has not announced a release date for the movie in China, but a deal has been reached so that Tencent can stream the previous six films in the Star Wars franchise. The first official theatrical screenings of existing Star Wars episodes took place earlier this year, nearly 40 years after the first film debuted, but fans in the country have had access to pirated digital or DVD copies of the movies for years.

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