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Video: This brilliant machine automatically sorts M&Ms by color at high speeds

Published Dec 23rd, 2014 7:15PM EST
Sorting M&Ms By Color
Image: Wikipedia

Homemade M&M sorting machines are nothing new but there’s a new prototype sorting machine out there that’s faster than any we’ve seen so far. ReviewMyLife took a look at a lot of the videos of candy color sorting machines on the web and decided they could do it even better. The result is a sorting machine that zips candies through the sorter at a clip that should make rival machines envious.

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How does this machine work, you ask?We’ll let ReviewMyLife explain in their own words.

“A high-torque motor rotates a plate that sends M&M through a hole one at a time,” the publication writes. “As the M&Ms fall an iPhone distinguishes the colors. The iPhone communicates with an Arduino via a Bluetooth board, and the Arduino then uses a relay to fire off electromagnet controlled gates to send the M&Ms into the correct chute.”

We’ve posted a video of this high-speed candy sorter in actionbelow and you should also check out ReviewMyLife’s full article that describes how the machine was built if you want more technical details than the ones we’ve included in our short summary.


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